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The Seven Cities

The Seven Cities form a group of tiny city-states in the south west of Shekkem.


They are not particularly well named, partly owing to there being eight of them now that Bruel has seceded from Hethin.  At least Bruel says it has, although Hethrin says it hasn't.   


But then they all call themselves cities and that title would also be disputed in most other countries. Disparaging comments have been heard from far-travelled merchants and adventurers, terms like 'middling town at best' or even 'mud-hutted peasants'.   Of course, these braggarts of distant lands are known to be scoundrels and liars  Then again, the folk of the Seven Cities are a self-contained lot and whatever they style themselves perhaps does not matter so much.




All the lands of Kassa are shown here, together with the Golden Road, running all the way from the grim fortress city of Jerondst to Merrin.

Dorning, near Jebbin's home, is far too small to appear on such a scale, but his journeys take him to Lana Fair in Ael and eventually south to the island of Torl. 


The Seven Cities, the group of city-states including Shaddimur, the city on the bay where Kalainen the Drouhin

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