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I have a small farm with pastures and woods and am mostly concerned with the environment.  I write stories.  Mostly they are fantasy, but they are set in very real worlds.  They may include magic, but even that - no, especially that - is not a free solution.  Magic hurts.  For the few who can use it, power comes from pain.

Some stories are about accidentally falling into the role of a carer for my father.  Definitely no magic there, but a lot of laughs - now the scars have healed and the risk of litigation has declined...

The Illustrations are all done by G.A. Roberts

The Drouhin of Shaddimur

A murder mystery set in Shaddimur where Kalainen  uses his wits to solve crimes.
The Riddle of the Seer

Jebbin is a lad who finds a book of spells, more adventures that he might have liked, and learns the true power of pain.
The Maker of Warriors

The second story of Jebbin. Courage, loyalty and love facing a rare evil.
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